The Law in Action Trespass Sign will ensure you and your family are free from unnecessary harassment promoting safety, security and quiet enjoyment in your home.

The Law in Action Trespass Signs do a better job of catching people’s attention, with specific reference to the High Court decision of Plenty v Dillon [1991] HCA 5 (the Law for all Australian’s) on the Trespass Sign; it authenticates the Law in Australia making people think twice before entering your property.

By buying a durable Law in Action Trespass Sign, you minimise maintenance work as our Trespass Signs are UV Resistant (non fading) and are designed for a long life to fit your letterbox or gate.

NOTE: Due to overwhelming demand, , all new orders will be dispatched as soon as new stock arrives.

The Law in Action information booklet provides a comprehensive guide to the Law of Trespass to Land in Australia and will help you understand and "know your rights within your own home". This information booklet is included with every purchase of the Law in Action Trespass Kit.